Escape room narratives

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In order to make the experience more real, escape rooms often have some kind of theme and narrative. If you think about it like a book, the theme is like the setting, which places the story in a particular time and place. The narrative is like the plot, which directs the story itself: In this case, it explains why you're solving all these puzzles. In an escape room, the theme is often evident by the way the room is decorated, while the narrative is related through a back-story, told to players when they first enter the room.

While not all escape rooms have a theme or a narrative, these elements can really help make players feel immersed in the story.

When it comes to creating a theme, venues can be as imaginative as they want. Most themes however, tend to center around a particular time and place during the past years or so. Escape the Room Arizonafor example, has a room that's a bank in the Old West. Another popular theme is horror, which combines the escape room concept with the chills and thrills of a haunted house. One of the most well-known examples of this genre is Room Escape Adventure 's "Trapped in a Room With a Zombie," a setup with a zombie chained to a wall.

You have to solve the puzzles and escape without getting touched by the zombie, but every five minutes its chain is released another foot! Other themes include fantasy, science and laboratory, future and military [source: Nicholson ]. So you're holed up in your office.

That's where the narrative comes in. The office room is a great example of the most common narrative: escaping a specific, unpleasant place see also: prison cell or zombie dungeon. Some narratives don't actually involve any escape at all. Investigating a crime, engaging with the supernatural, defusing an explosive device and carrying out a heist are all potential premises for escape rooms [source: Nicholson ].

As you can imagine, trying to escape a prison or defusing a bomb can really reveal one's true self. These personalities are so recognizable to escape room players that the Internet has created lists of them. There's the aggressive player, who runs around the room yelling, or the competitive player who wants to solve the puzzle faster than anyone else.

But there's also calmer ones, like the problem-solver, an intelligent player who prefers to solve puzzles alone, and, of course the leader, who's a steady presence and a great communicator [source: The Escape Game Orlando ].

Thoughts from the Test Chamber

How Escape Rooms Work.My great-uncle Alfie tackled the Times crossword puzzle every day for forty years. What began as a battle to solve the clues evolved, over time, into a battle of wits and wills between himself and the roster of anonymous cruciverbalists who compiled the daily puzzles. He came to recognize the style, fields of reference and foibles of each of the compilers and this added another layer of engagement to his experience.

Not only would Alfie have the fun of cracking the clues, but he could also wrestle with guessing which of the compilers had created the puzzle and — using that knowledge — get an additional insight into the solution. Proving as addictive as crossword puzzles, Escape Rooms exploit our fascination with finding solutions.

The format is simple: 3 — 8 players are voluntarily locked in a room and, within a given time-span, they must solve a series of puzzles in order to escape.

I believe however, that the next generation of Escape Room will offer a compelling narrative in which an understanding of the story-world delivers an added advantage and insight into the solving of the clues. If this is proves to be so, an additional aspect might come into play: our minds operate differently when we follow a story.

Logic falls into step alongside intuition and our ability to imagine the impossible is stimulated. The deep pulse of an unfolding story, resonating around the puzzles, may trigger different parts of our conscious and subconscious mind to engage with the puzzles and the methods by which we solve them could take a new turn.

One further fresh dynamic to consider: in the traditional Escape Room, the puzzles are the masters and the players the pawns. If we enter a room where the story is woven into the warp and weft of the experience, it could be that the solution of a particular puzzle affects the narrative and steers the story in a new direction, leading to an alternate set of puzzles.

A more fluid expe-rience would result, eventually breaking the bounds of the Escape Room and generating story strands that travel across other media, such as film. Finally, if we look at video gaming — so often the path-finder in entertainment evolution — we see something that began as simple hand-eye coordination puzzles and rapidly evolved into a pleasure-dome of narrative, Escape Rooms stand on the tipping point of becoming an immer-sive experience and so, once again, the art of story-telling finds a new arena.

Give to MIT. Like a detective perceiving a modus operandi — he enjoyed an added advantage. Posted in Events Tagged with: escape roomgame jamnarrative. Search for:. Recent Posts. Responsive Theme powered by WordPress.Go ahead and steal one of these stylish themes, then add your own flavor.

She's bribed, backstabbed, and bullied her way to the top, surrounded by an inner posse kept in line by greed, sleaze, and blackmail.

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All those big, dirty secrets are hidden in one little black book. She'll need more than a lawyer to get outta this one Posing as waiters, you've snuck into the smoosh-party and made your way upstairs Watch this video on YouTube.

Just in time for the holiday goers to go all crazy-like and start attacking and eating each other! Now there's a horde of zombies beating down the door, and they're not here for the napkin-folding demonstration!

25 Outrageous Escape Room Stories from Around the World

You and your gang of Heist Masters have taken a lotta gigs over the years that were well Or the job that took you to Eastern Europe to swap an ancient Milo Rambaldi manuscript with a forgery or were you actually stealing the forgery …?

As an explorer, you have always loved Egypt. While walking beside the River Nile, you and your companions suddenly feel the ground shift beneath you, sending you all tumbling down a dank, stony shaft. When your eyes adjust to the darkness, you find yourselves trapped deep beneath the earth in an ancient, undiscovered tomb. If they weren't middle-manning the designs for high-grade printable weapons, you'd just make a meme about it and laugh.

As it is, you're gonna have to break into their secret stash, destroy the plans, and get out before whatever's at the other end of that silent alarm comes busting through the door.

R facility. You cannot let that happen. So what to do about it? Are you up for the challenge? This youth group was! These ready-to-play game kits transform any space into a magical escape room adventure. The pilot just turned on the Fasten Seatbelts sign, and your guards have strapped into their seats for landing. That means you've got 20 minutes to get out of these handcuffs, find some parachutes, crack open the emergency exit, and bail!

escape room narratives

The illustrious Carnegie family are hosting a giant party of frivolity, laughter and a few spiked drinks. From Gatsby to Governors, everyone's invited for the riotous affair. Unfortunately, the bloodied dead body suggests there are one too many guests.

Was it a jealous lover? Or filthy blackmail? Looking for a perfectly suave game for your date night?You've decided that you are going to open an escape room, now what? Besides a whole host of things that you need to do just to get your doors open, there's this one other small task. That's deciding what your room themes are going to be? Are you going to purchase your games or design your own.

There is nothing wrong with either course of action, just be advised that when dealing with vendors you will want to carefully choose who you are working with. When we decided to open Cracked it! Escape Games we were faced with this same decision. We had a very limited budget to purchase or design our first game and we chose to design our own game which we called Antiquities, Investigations, and Recovery, In Search of Episode 1.

A game that we commonly refer to A. A game in the tradition of National Treasure. How did we get from decision to design? First, we had to choose the core concept of the game and that is the point of this post.

escape room narratives

Give you the fledgling operator some ideas to design your own escape room games. Some, after a second or third review, were merely meh. But you may find it an awesome idea so that is why I am allowing it to see the light of day.

You may also see themes that have become tropes in the escape room genre. We created this list from several brainstorming sessions without doing a ton of research on the industry and seeing what may be a common theme. Isolation Room - team is split up into smaller groups or individuals, using limited or no communication, they must all escape their own "pod" and help others escape then escape from the central room together.

escape room narratives

Could utilize time-delayed video feed, a secret door which is opened by something the other team does, a two-way drawer to share items, etc. Panic Room - your well-to-do family has hidden in your panic room from an intruder; the threat has passed, but a mechanical failure has left you stuck; use your supplies and provisions to escape, or wait for the security company to come release you.

Space Mission Room - Uh oh! The life support systems have failed. Get them back online before you run out of air! Problem: may be too high tech. We could ask what local school groups are from when they book the room and tweak the experience accordingly. Arcade Room - room has custom arcade cabinets. Team starts with one coin, which will activate a cabinet. Solve puzzles for more coins to activate other cabinets. Win games to get codes to escape the room.

Thoughts from the Test Chamber

Adventurer Room - have RPG themed room with different "class" items in the room like wizard "spellbook" to decode cyphers. Kids' Room - aimed at agea kid's bedroom, use toys to solve problems, maybe use as an opportunity to help kids enjoy cleaning up?

Problem: kids may get too distracted by toys to play along.

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A Real Life Logic Puzzle?But seriously… this is not a joke. A few years ago I was hired to write narratives for two new Escape Rooms. The organization had been successful at tourist-based entertainment programs for nearly two decades, and was looking to capitalize on the growing phenomenon that is the minute Escape Room.

escape room narratives

As a writer on the lookout for new and exciting opportunities to tell stories, you should be familiar with this wildly popular and always evolving pastime. In less than a decade, Escape Rooms have gone from players solving a series of puzzles in an hour or less to get out of a locked room, to Escape Room 2. Only a decade old, there are more than 8, Escape Rooms in the world. Almost a third of them are in the United States. With some 2. Enter the writer, whose skills are just what these companies need to keep a 5-Star and ticket sales strong.

Story is story, by and large.

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Action is character and structure is fundamental. So what makes writing for Escape Rooms the unique challenge that it is? Solving these challenges not only makes for a 5-Star Escape Room experience, it makes you a better writer when it comes to mapping plot points and creating complex characters.

I bet that sounds at least a little familiar. Honoring the Escape Room 2.

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What story can you tell that culminates in the players reaching their objective in a hour? Any kind of time-sensitive crisis will do. A compartment flooding, the full moon rising and unleashing monsters, may be even having one of the players ingesting a poison that takes 60 minutes to take effect.

Make it mean something raise the stakesand the players will be hooked. So your storyline must be simple enough that this goal does not get lost in a mess of confusing narrative. Again go deep but not wide. A clean, clear story adds to the tension, excitement, and immersion, delivering the plot points in easily digestible beats that drive the action and players toward their goal.

Ideally, the puzzles and stories are developed together.The fully themed environments transport guests to another world. These attractions help you reach an entirely new demographic. As a family entertainment center FEC owner, you can attract a new segment of the young adult market that may not have visited your facility in the past.

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Keep reading to learn how Infinite Escapes can help you capture this market. Other options on the market exist on two ends of the spectrum: do-it-yourself DIY escape rooms and full franchises.

DIY rooms typically have basic themes, second-hand furniture, and lots of padlocks for puzzles. But you have to give your guests more than just padlocks if you want them to come back. On the other hand, franchises require unnecessary franchise fees and royalties. This means you pay for the privilege of giving away a chunk of your revenue. Neither of these models work well for family entertainment centers, which is where our rooms come into play.

7 Steps for Writing Escape Room Narratives (And How to Find Opportunities to Write Them)

We deliver turnkey, fully themed escape room experiences. You keep all the money you make. Traditional — Our traditional rooms provide amazing props and immersion. They are typically minute, multi-room experiences that require about square feet. They are longer experiences, require more hands-on attention from staff, and can allow you to charge a higher price per player.

These self-guided, auto-resetting rooms are shorter, minute single-room experiences in about square foot rooms: double your revenue-per-square-foot compared to traditional rooms. We have developed a new escape room clue delivery system. Players use an electronic tablet to scan codes on different puzzles and props in the room to reveal hints and clues. The game masters and staff no longer have to manually provide the clues to players. This proprietary software provides a better, easier and quicker experience for both the staff and players.

This system is available for both traditional and autonomous rooms. Most operators install multiple themed story-lines in order to capture repeat play revenue from guests. Our team has developed several escape room themes, with more on the way. He was a brilliant man who dedicated his life to helping the people in his little corner of London. When his wife died 2 years ago, everything changed and he became distant and paranoid. During this period of mental isolation, one thing remained constant: his respect for your team of detectives.

In fact, he thought each of you were equal to his own intellect.

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Near the end, he became consumed by the fear of dying. He thought all of you were very capable of continuing his own work.You have successfully joined our subscriber list. Check your email for the current Resource Library password! I mentioned in my Music Escape Room posts how I am using escape rooms with our homeschool co-op to help the kids learn critical thinking and cooperative learning skills.

But I'm not stopping there! I am using the escape rooms I design to introduce the kids to new information or at least as a review if it is something they happened to already have learned. So, even though I have tweens in my class, I created a Chemistry themed escape room. I also got the response I expected from them, "but we don't know chemistry!

Not only did I want to introduce them to chemistry, but I wanted them to see that they could think their way out of the room without any previous chemistry knowledge. And you know what? They did! In this escape room, the students needed to find a password to shut down a program that would blow up the lab of Dr.

Boom yeah, I'm pretty proud of that name. Other chemistry lab decorations lab coatmoleculesadditional lab equipment, really whatever you have on hand Setting Up the Chemistry Escape Room There are quite a few printable clues, so start by printing and laminating if desired.

The full sheet clues, atom, periodic table, close up of element, and the 2 handwriting pages, I hung on the wall. I do want to note that I changed the font of the 2 "handwritten" clues because the font was difficult for the kids to read.

So don't be concerned if the download looks a little different, it should be much easier to read! The shopping list, I left in the pocket of a lab coat I brought, and the other clues were just left sitting around the room. Next you need to set up the acid base section. Pour red cabbage indicator into a graduated cylinder or other clear container you can pour. Then pour a small amount of liquid detergent in one test tube, a similar amount of vinegar in a second test tube, and a similar amount of milk in a third.

I placed all the test tubes into a beaker and all the chemistry equipment into a cake pan just in case of spills. I added the piece of tape that says 6. How to Solve the Chemistry Escape Room In this chemistry escape room there are 4 puzzles the kids will need to solve to come up with the parts of the password: EsCaPEs and yes those do represent element symbols.

These puzzles can be solved in any order, and the final clue will need to be unscrambled.